Electronic Document & Records Management

Electronic records and information management (EDRM) can prove efficient and useful across any industry where record-keeping and archival is a important.

In Malaysia, companies must adhere to rigorous schedules and government's compliance related to record-keeping and archival. After the pandemic, the rise of digitization initiatives across these organizations pose challenges, especially in anticipating the long-term impact of immediate steps and strategy.


Our electronic records and information management is a unique approach to managing important content, from creation to disposal. A powerful system for records and information management is built on an integrated platform that allows users to capture, automate, classify, process, collaboration and view all types of content such as physical documents, e-mails and other-related project contents

A document management system is a system used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper. Most are capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by different users. In the case of the management of digital documents such systems are based on computer programs.To complete the cycle of digital documents, MountainTop EDMS is the solution to archive all electronic documents and records. MountainTop EDMS comprises the technologies, tools, and methods used to capture, manage, store, preserve, deliver and dispose of 'documents' across an enterprise. In this context 'documents' are any of a myriad of information assets including images, office documents, graphics, and drawings as well as the new electronic objects such as Web pages, email, instant messages, and video.

By using MountainTop EDRM for paper digitization, organizations can use document management to tackle process automation and transform business efficiency. Companies that use MountainTop EDRM benefit from having a powerful platform for building not just automated processes for defined business rules, but truly data-driven processes that aren’t constrained by specific document formats.

MountainTop EDRM can offer a hybrid of on-premise and cloud base deployment in order to cover all the bases of data extraction and use in core business processes. Taking advantage of the full range of document management tools ultimately enables organizations to refocus company-wide efforts from menial tasks to revenue-focused activities.



Taking advantage of the full range of document management tools ultimately enables organizations to refocus company-wide efforts from menial tasks to revenue-focused activities through:


Reduced archival & storage costs

Eliminates the need to dedicate space, operational budgets and employee resources to maintaining file storage.


Single point of information access

No more toggling between file cabinets & different software systems, Users can find exactly what & when they need it, across repositories


Improved document security

Control information access & reduce the risk of data breaches, document loss & compliance infractions.


More Efficient Collaboration

Annotations, version control, automated approval and review and more provides employees with the ability to quickly work together on document changes and make better-informed business decisions.


Increased transparency in document use & modification

Get a birds-eye view of how documents are being used throughout the organization and the overall efficiency of document-driven processes.

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