Barcode Scanning Solution

Barcode scanning have become an integral part of business operations especially in supermarkets, hypermarkets and warehouses where users and customers value expediency, accuracy and efficiency. Mobile bar code solution that works well mean your business will save time and money and ensuring high accuracy of stocks across the business.

Scanning Technology

Barcode & QRCode

We provide a complete solution for barcode scanning. We offer ruggedized brands of scanners in Malaysia including, Unitech, Honeywell, Zebra and CipherLab. Our solution has the capability to utilize mobile phone scanning – via the smart device camera. Your business can deploy MountainTop Mobile with a wide array of barcode scanners such as classic scanners with wire, Bluetooth scanners, wireless scanners and handsfree omnidirectional scanners. Our solution deployed with renowned brands of scanners delivers high quality scanning in any condition.

We are compatible will all Android base devices such as


Mobile Inventory

MountainTop Stock IT is the platform that enables your warehouse workforce to record all movement of inventory


Complete Solution

Our solution have been deployed to wide array of customers including, those with high volume distribution and manufacturing.

As part of the complete solution, we also provide barcode and QR code generation and printing. Our solution supports a wide range of printers including, Epson Label Printer, PRINTRONIX, Zebra and Datamax to name a few.

Our clients

Manufacturing & Distribution